Meet a Habitat family

Thanks to Habitat Malawi, Alice Kadidigula can now sit on the veranda of her new home and chat with her children peacefully. “I am able to make plans in life like any other person in the community with no worries at all because I have a good house with beautiful paint that attracts a lot of people. My future and that of the children is bright and secure,” said Alice. The children are now living a healthy life as malaria cases have been reduced since Habitat Malawi gave them mosquito nets. Furthermore, diarrhea cases have also been reduced since a ventilated improved pit-latrine was also constructed for the family. Air-borne diseases are less frequent thanks to the air vents, cement floor, plastered wall and windows that make it possible to have fresh air. The children have a place for study and Alice is no longer buying grass for roofing and can use extra money to cover other basic needs of the family

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