Ophans and vulnerable groups (OVG)

The OVG program started in 2009 and to date, Habitat Malawi has constructed over 300 houses for the vulnerable families. The project intends to improve the living conditions for 450 OVG families and reduce their vulnerability by June 2018. In FY16 alone, 86 families were serves with decent housing. The services include:

Improved housing: Two, three or four-room houses for vulnerable families including a ventilated improved pit-latrine to improve sanitation and hygiene.
Malaria prevention training: Three insecticide-treated mosquito nets are provided per family. Families are also trained in good sanitation and hygiene practices to prevent diseases, including malaria.
HIV prevention training: The training is aimed at preventing new infections arising from sexual exploitation, especially of the girls and caregivers.
Vocational skills training: Provided to older children, especially those who dropped out from school. The package includes provision of tools and equipment, like carpentry or sewing machines.
Property and inheritance rights training: Aiming to protect orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from property grabbing, the training is offered to OVC caregivers and gate keepers.