Born in 1963, Alaina John is a mother of 7 but takes care of 6 children, 4 of her own and 2 grandchildren. Alaina was born in Mangochi District but her parents moved to Salima while she was still young. Alaina has never been to school. She does piece work to support her family. The house they were living in was very small and it gave them trouble during rainy seasons as rain water could go into the house through the roof. “Even when wild winds came, I was very worried as I often thought my house would blow off and cause injuries to me and my children,” she explained.
Alaina is so excited about the new house and is looking forward to occupying it as her previous housing problems will be over because of the new house she will be living in. she wishes she could be assisted to start a business although she is a little older to be doing the business herself. She could rely on her 21 year old daughter to be helping her with that if they had enough funds to start a business.
Alaina is grateful to the people who have supported her with the new house, both Habitat for Humanity Malawi and the Global Village volunteers who came to build the house for her. Life will never be the same for Alaina, her children and grandchildren.