Proper Housing under TOUCHSTONE Project

Violet Kamfunseni is a 32-year-old woman who was born at Mpanje Village under Traditional Authority Kalonga in Salima district. She is a mother to 6 children namely: Patuma Banda aged 12, Chisomo Bulazilu aged 11, Emelles Jonas aged 10, Robert Nkhaliramo aged 8, Tomas Banda aged 4 and Rashida Banda aged 1.
The parents of Violet originated from Salima and they all died sometime back. Violet has 4 sisters and one brother. She did her primary school for one year at Chikombola School. Violet dropped out because of lack of school fees. While at school she wanted to obtain some vocation skills when she finished basic education to help her generate income to provide for her daily needs.
Violet has three wishes for her life and her family. Firstly, she wishes if she could have adequate food to feed her family all year round. She says she usually has to skip some meals to make sure that the family has something for the next day. Secondly, she wishes to have better clothes for her and her family to wear. Some of her children have torn clothes which makes her so sad. She would love to have soap to use for washing the clothes too. Thirdly, she wishes to have good beddings and mats to sleep on at night. During the winter season she and her children suffer a lot trying to keep warm and the beddings and mats would go a long way in changing that.
Violet thanks Touchstone on behalf of her 6 children for changing her housing condition from a dilapidated house to live in a decent house courtesy of the Touchstone CPS team that came to build for her.
Her previous house was very small that one child slept at the grandmother’s house which is not any better. Violet lived in a one roomed house which was very small with a grass thatched roof, the floor was made using dirt, with no ventilation and walls built using unburnt bricks.

The house that Touchstone is built for her is spacious, roofed with iron sheets, walls built using burnt bricks and floor made of cement.

Her previous house collapsed because of rains when she had just moved into the new house. Violet is now able to provide better necessities for her children because the money she gets from doing piece works is sorely used to buy food and clothes and does not need to go into maintaining their house, something which was a problem in the past.

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