ZOE Success Story


Identified through the Abwenzi Athu project in 2016, Balon Maupo and his family were some of the families that have benefited from the Housing provision. With support from Wake County HFH constructed a 3 roomed house and semi-detached bathroom & VIP latrine for the family.

“The old house was too dark such that during the rainy season my siblings were not able to study in the house. But now all my siblings are able to study and they do not miss school because this house is like a motivation to them. Apart from security, peace of mind and protection this house has given us access to clean water through rainwater harvesting. Furthermore life was very hard for my family in terms of hygiene and sanitation because we were using a bathroom with no roof, a toilet which leaks and was almost filled up. This forced most members of my family to be bathing once every two days during rainy season and to be using a nearby bush as a toilet. Diarrhea became part of our daily lives because of the situation with the latrine which had also led to an increase in the population of cockroaches and bad smell around our home. Now we feel very privileged to have a decent home and modern toilet and bathroom like this. I pray that God blesses all the donors.” Balon.