No family goes without shelter when disaster strikes

On Sunday, 7th April 2019, Habitat for Humanity Malawi (HFH Malawi) welcomed a consignment of  72 Tones of relief items worth £233, 496 an equivalent of MWK 223 Million through the Kamuzu International Airport. This is a kind donation from Shelter Box, a Non-Governmental Organization which has a global agreement with Habitat for Humanity to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to over 868,895 people that have been affected in the 15 districts of this country following the heavy rains and floods that recently occurred.

Currently families are seeking refuge in 173 camps in the affected areas and HFH Malawi in partnership with Shelter Box, join efforts to deliver humanitarian aid in form of equipment and materials that will assist these families to build shelters that would provide safety to their families as they plan to build back permanent homes and ensure that  ‘No family goes without shelter when disaster strikes’.

The said items will be distributed to about 2000 families in Chikwawa and Mulanje districts. Each targeted household will receive 1 shelter Kit, 1 Kitchen set, 2 blankets, 2 sleeping mats, 2 mosquito nets, 2 solar light, 2 Jerry cans and 1 water purifier.

HFH Malawi has already assisted 600 households in Chikwawa with emergency kits worth $25, 000 and continues to mobilize resources in order to reach out to more victims.