Habitat for Humanity was established in 1986 with the aim of alleviate housing poverty amongst underprivileged people. Over 3,000 houses have built and handed over to vulnerable families and disabled people in Salima district (Malawi) where Constructing Jobs, Building Lives project is being implemented by Habitat for Humanity.
Habitat for Humanity has been looking for ways of improving lives of underprivileged people beyond providing decent shelter to poor families and disabled people. Constructing Jobs, Building Lives (CJBL) project which is focusing on empowering youths with construction, entrepreneurship, life and digital literacy skills has been found to be reliable and a complimentary solution to problems which Habitat For Humanity work to eradicate.
Speaking during official opening event of Habitat Resource Centre in Salima, National Director of Habitat For Humanity Malawi (HFHM), Kelvin Kalonga thanked delegation of European Union (EU) for providing funding for this project which will see at least 100 disadvantaged youths from Salima being trained in Carpentry & Joinery and Bricklaying and Making courses and assured the gathering that Habitat for Humanity will do its level best to deliver quality education and inspire underprivileged youths to achieve their dreams through CJBL project . “European Union through Habitat for Humanity and SOS Children Malawi is giving best gift, skill and knowledge, to underprivileged youths from Salima,” Kelvin Kalonga added.
Mussah Chatuwa, Project Coordinator (HFHM), further added that CJBL project will improve lives of more 100 youths who will be trained at Habitat Resource Centre as the grandaunts will be employing other youths from the community and also be a productive citizen who will be paying taxes to government.
Habitat Resource Centre was officially opened on 16th July, 2018 and 30th July, 2018, 42 selected underprivileged youths from Salima started their journey of becoming an entrepreneurs.