Council Salutes UNDP-HFHM Disaster Project

As the “UNDP –HFHM Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Recovery Project’’ is winding up on 31st March, 2021; Phalombe District Council conducted a monitoring visit to the project sites to appreciate the progress on the construction of 90 houses as well as the restoration works on essential small scale infrastructure in T/A Jenala. The Acting District Commissioner for Phalombe who is also the Director of Public Works Mr. Clement Mtambo could not hold his joy and thanked the existing partnership between UNDP and HFHM in constructing the 90 safe, green and climate-resilient houses. Through the project 90 houses have been built for the most vulnerable flood-affected households and additionally restoration works have been done for essential small-scale infrastructure (Maliro community market at T/A Jenala and Sumbeya community water point at T/A Nkhulambe) in the district.

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Mr. Mtambo was also impressed with the inclusion of the dissemination of the Safer Housing Construction Guidelines (SHCG), training of 270 local artisans and the engagement of the artisans in the construction of the houses in the project. The Council believes that the artisans who have been trained in construction works using sustainable building materials, will be engaged in the Council’s projects such Constituency Development Fund (CDF) as well as Primary School Improvement Program (PSIP) which will also use Sustainable building materials. Mr Mtambo also noted that the houses being disaster resilient, may in the event of a disaster act as rescue centers to the families and their relatives.

Overall the project is being implemented in four communities in Phalombe and Zomba districts and seeks to construct a total of 180 disaster resilient houses and restore community infrastructure such as community markets and water points. The project is being funded by UNDP.