Dear Habitat for Humanity Malawi Community

Dear Habitat for Humanity Malawi Community,
Happy new year to you all! We at Habitat for Humanity in Malawi look to 2023 with eagerness and excitement, our eyes focused on building communities where everyone has a decent place to live. Yet, the year’s end also invites moments of reflection and a look back on all we have accomplished together over the past twelve months.
To you—Habitat for Humanity International – Headquarters, Africa Area Office, shared services based in the EME, our US Affiliates, Tithers, Donors, Board Members, members of staff and our all-important community partners, and to those of you who support the work of Habitat for Humanity in Malawi, each of you is an essential part of the on-going ministry work.
In 2022, Habitat for Humanity Malawi supported 282 families with new homes. When disasters struck, we supported 670 families with Emergency Shelter Kits (ESKs) and Non-Food Items (NFIs). We have also drilled 31 water points and constructed 167 sanitary facilities. We have reached out to 22,902 people with sanitation and hygiene practices. Habitat for Humanity Malawi has been advocating for the finalization and enactment of the Disaster Risk Management Bill which provides the legal framework for Malawi to implement resilience policies in facilitating the effective coordination, financing, and implementation of multi-sectoral programs to avert the impacts of climate change in Malawi. When the bill is enacted, it will support thousands of families access resilient homes–a change that will help exponentially more families than any one organization ever could directly serve alone.
My New Year’s wish is that every one of you will take full advantage of all that Habitat for Humanity Malawi has to offer-for orphans, widows, and the homeless families that cannot access decent housing on their own—and that you will continue to support us, ensuring that Habitat for Humanity will be here in Malawi impacting many more lives through shelter for the current and for the next generation.
Thank you for all the help you gave in 2022 and for being by our side in all we are hoping for in 2023.
Warm regards,
Anock Kapira
National Director