HFH Malawi engages Communities in #HomeEquals Impact Area

Community activists in the #HomeEquals Impact Area of Area 27 sector 3 in Lilongwe are committed to seeing the settlement upgraded as soon as possible. To address their concerns, Habitat for Humanity Malawi’s Senior Management Team (SMT) and staff members visited them in a bid to create a conducive environment for communities to improve their living conditions in informal settlements by providing them with access to housing and land rights in Malawi.

The project focuses on capacitating residents and informal settlement networks to attain the security of land tenure through participatory land use planning. This will better advocate for access to housing and land for the urban poor, improving their access to housing and land. The project also aims to increase Malawi’s resilience to disasters by enacting a disaster risk management bill and developing relevant policies.

In attendance from SMT were Construction Specialist, Programs Manager, Finance Manager, Human
Resources and Administration Specialist; staff members were Construction Coordinator, Resource
Development and Partnership Coordinator, Advocacy and Communication Coordinator, Procurement
Officer, Project Accountant, and Communications Officer.

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