HFHM advocate for increasing access to land and housing and promote policies and systems that increase access to decent houses by vulnerable and low-income groups in Malawi.

HFHM believes that land and housing are the most important assets of the poor. As such improving access to land, secure land tenure and housing can have greater impact on household income, food security, and equity.

HFHM has contributed in addressing poverty housing amongst the low income and vulnerable groups and has served over 41,000 households through different projects such as housing microfinance, vulnerable group housing, and housing support services programs. As powerful as that has been, yet 59% of the families in Malawi still live in sub-standards homes characterized by mud walls and grass thatched roofs with little hope of ever being able to afford a decent house. To meet the current housing demand, approximately 21,000 new units must be constructed for the next 10 years.

It is for this reason that HFHM promote policies and systems that advance access to land and housing – a change that will help exponentially more families than any one organization ever could directly serve alone.

Simply Put; Advocacy for HFHM is about changing laws, policies, systems and attitudes to eliminate barriers that lead to the creation and preservation of housing for all, toward the goal of ending housing poverty in Malawi by making everyone have a decent place to live.

Through advocacy HFHM work in the following areas:
a. Promote and develop policy positions that promote access to land and housing
b. Work with coalitions to promote policy positions that promote access to land and housing.
c. Work with individual advocates that support HFHM policy positions that support policy and systems change.

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